Thursday, April 5, 2012

WEGO 30 Day Challenge- Day #5 - The Eagle

WEGO Day #5 of the 30 day Health Activist Writer's Challenge

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The Eagle. A sign of strength, independance, and hope (to me).

Can I link the picture above to my health focus?


It signifies the strength that all families, children, and adults, living with diabetes need to have to get through the "bad days" that can happen with this disease.

It signifies the independance that children with diabetes show, as they get older, with their eagerness to learn all about managing their disease on their own.

It signifies the hope we all have, on finding a cure for the disease, so people currently living with it, no longer need to stick their fingers 12+ times a day, or inject themselves with insulin every day, or be attached to a life saving device (pumps and CGMs alike)  for the rest of their life.

Like the eagle, people with diabetes want to "fly" free... free of this disease that they must think about.

Children with diabetes want to feel "normal", have a big piece of cake at their friends birthday party without having to think about carbs or if they must "wait till dinner" to have it. They want to run around outside, climb trees, play soccer and football and baseball and basketball, without the worry of "will I go low from this?"

The eagle. A sign of strength. A sign of independance. A sign of hope.

A sign of hope.

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