T1D in School

Here, I will post various links, articles, etc about Type 1 Diabetes in school, the 504 information, etc. Stay tuned! As I come across more wonderfully useful information regarding this topic, I will post it here!

USA Laws & Resource Sites:

ADA- Safe At School- This has been a tremendous help to me and my family when getting Lenny ready for the school year, learning the laws protecting our T1 children, and learning how to properly handle many problems that we may have faced with the school district. I highly recommend every parent of a T1 child read through, print off, and learn all the information provided in the ADA-Safe At School program.

IDEA- The IDEA Act is a law protecting children with disabilities throughout the nation.

IDEA State Facts

Education Law Center (For PA Residents) This link was provided to me by an advocate I had spoke with during my discussions with my son's school. It has proven to be very helpful for me. Please note, however, the link this will take you to is in regards to PA Residents. I am not aware if it also has links for other states, so please be sure to do a search regaring such, or speak with an advocate for assistance.

NICHCY- My good friend, and President of a non-profit Advocacy Organization introduced me to this website during my discussions with my son's school. It, too, is a very helpful site.

10 Facts About K-12 Education Funding

Regulations-Civil Rights-Policy-ED.gov Your Civil Rights Regulations. Extremely helpful information about the laws and acts protecting children with Type 1 Diabetes and other disabilities.

ADA- Americans with Disabilities Act

Canada Laws & Resource Sites:

Canadian Diabetes Association - Kids with Diabetes in School