Wednesday, April 25, 2012

If This Was A Test, You'd Get 100%!

Yesterday was Little Man's endo appointment. While, I admit, most of the time we were actually sitting in the office (after the urine sample and A1C finger stick, and downloading his pump info), the appointment consisted of just chit chat... we also got some awesome news!

His A1C results back in January were 7.9.

This time they were....

(drum roll please......)


Oh yeah! Take that diabetes!

I got so excited, I had a permanent smile on my face for a good 3 hours (tried desperately to spare the nurse my embarrassing "chair dancing" skills lol!)

Little Man sat on the little bed in the room, looking back at me and the nurse, asking, "What does that mean? Is that good?"

I looked at him and said, "That's very good!" and gave him a high five for all the hard work he's done trying to learn everything and manage things. The nurse told him "Yes, it is very good! Its like, if this was a test in school, you'd get 100%!"

Its funny she put it that way too, because, while we were waiting in the hall to see if she was going to send us out to the waiting room till a room opened up for us, or send us straight back, I was telling the nurse that was doing the finger stick for his A1C that "I always get a little nervous for these appointments, waiting for the A1C results. Its like, its our report card!"

The really exciting thing about his A1C result is... It's the lowest we've ever had it since he was diagnosed 3 1/2 years ago! January's was the highest it's ever been, too.

What's the lowest A1C result you've had?
What's the highest?

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