Sunday, April 29, 2012

Happy to Help

This week, I met this wonderful lady on Twitter. Her name is Paulette Motzko, and she is the founder of an online cooking magazine called Cooking Up A Storm In CA.

The website is chock full of a variety of recipes. I mean, there's a ton to choose from!

She had asked me to help her with her diabetic section on her website, and created a new Living with Diabetes Group where I can post various recipes, information, etc, about diabetes.

Of course, I could not turn down this offer! LOL! Any way I can help out a fellow family/person living with diabetes, I'm all for!

Paulette is such a wonderful person. Ever since our first discussions on Twitter, we have texted back and forth almost daily! She has become such an inspiration to me in the kitchen, I am even considering creating a new blog to talk about my adventures in the kitchen! What do you all think? Should I?

I'd like to encourage you all to join me on her site, take a look around, and see what all yummy dishes the site has to offer... and, don't forget to join the Living with Diabetes--Recipe's and More group, and the Diabetic Dishes page!

Visit Cooking Up A Storm All Over The World!


Sugar and Diet said...

Although I don't have diabetes, my doctor said to stop eating sugar. What! What's left, I said. When the dust settled, I realized that I needed to eat differently and more importantly find new recipes for foods that were sugarfree. That was the hardest part. I hadn't heard of Cooking up a Storm in CA, but now I want to find out more.

Sugar Free Candyland said...

Also be sure to check out our new sister blog, Sugar Free Candy land's Cookbook! You can easily access it right from this blog my clicking the tab at the the tab at the top for it!