Saturday, October 20, 2012

There's A New Blog In Town!

Many of my wonderful readers have requested that I share some healthy, diabetes friendly recipes on here.

Because I have SOOO many recipes in my little binder that I could probably start a whole new "foodie" blog!

Many of these recipes are ones I've come across either on the web, in books, my grandmother, or they are ones that I have tweaked to try to lower the amount of carbs per serving.

Please feel free to check out Sugar Free Candyland's "sister blog".... Sugar Free Candyland's Cookbook! You can also reach this blog by clicking on the tab at the top titled "Sugar Free Candyland's Cookbook.

Be sure to "follow" that blog as well, to stay updated when we post new yummy recipes! And share it with your friends too!

Do you have recipe's you'd like to share? Maybe have some recipes that you just can't figure out the carb counts for? How about some ideas you'd like to see us discuss here on Sugar Free Candyland? Share them! Post a comment below! I love hearing from my readers! Or, if it's a recipe, email them to me at and you might see them posted on our sister blog!

Have an awesome, yummy day!

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