Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Life Saver

Woke up at 6:30am.

Ahh, I can enjoy a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, before the kids wake up!

7am- kids up.
"Lenny, come on bud, eat. We gotta get ya dosed, dressed, hair and teeth brushed before your aide gets here"

"Lenny, hurry  up with your waffle. Your aide is gonna be here in 15 minutes and your not dressed yet, not dosed yet, hair and teeth not brushed yet."
"Mackenzie, sit down and eat your breakfast. If you want to go to school today, ya gotta eat breakfast!"

"Ok, Lenny, go put on the clothes I put on your bed, then go brush your teeth."
"Mackenzie, eat baby girl!"

(sigh) "Lenny, leave your sister alone, get your shoes on, brush your hair and watch for your aide, shes going to be here soon"
"Mackenzie, leave Lenny alone. Sit down and eat"
Mackenzie says.... "Im not hungry. No." "Mackenzie, you have to eat. You like these!"

That was the start of our day... with the exception of a few "Am I going to have to seperate you two already?" comments LOL!

Lenny goes off to school, then Mackenzie goes off to school.

The day goes on. I had an enjoyable day talking with my friend Heather, who came over for a visit and to give us the Girl Scouts cookies we bought from her. Got a few (yes, I mean a few... very few LOL!) things done around the house after she left. Then, hubby came home.

Short time later...


Lenny comes storming in, happy and giggly.

I asked him to go pick up his room.

He rushes and gets most of it done in the 15 minutes before she got home. I go and talk to Hubby for a bit while he does it.

Lenny comes in the room.

"Lenny... what do you have in your mouth?"

He spits out a Life Saver.

"WHERE did you get that?!"

"It was on my floor" (I recalled him coming home with one in his pocket, wrapped of course, on sunday night.)

"You know your not allowed to have these things without getting your sugar checked first Lenny. Why are you eating that?"

"I wanted it" (ok, inside i did have to kinda chuckle. Made me think "ok Mr. Obvious!" LOL but, I kept that to myself, was more concerned about how his sugar would react. Life Savers have about 4g carbs per piece. Anytime he gets more than 3g of carbs that are not covered with insulin, his sugar usually skyrockets.)

At first, I told him to throw it away. But, before he got to the trash can... I had a "lightbulb" moment (and as I say this, I think of the part of the Dispicable Me cartoon... LOL!) I say...

"Wait! Don't throw it away. You can have it. BUT.....
           you and Mackenzie have to clean up your bedroom. If ya do, I'll let ya play outside till I get dinner done. The rules are though, when I say its time to come in, you can not get mad and throw a fit. Deal?"

He happily says "DEAL!!!" and runs into his room.

I love it when I can bribe my kids to clean their room LOL! He had most of the bedroom picked up before Mackenzie even got home! She gets home about 15 minutes after he does.

When Mackenzie got home, he only left her with a few things to pick up... and they were on their way outside.

45 minutes later...


They come inside, and surprisingly no fights about it!

Check his sugar...



Well, that's kind of a surprise! Thank goodness I let him have that Life Saver!


Reyna said...

:) He sounds a bit like Joe. Glad he had the lifesaver too Dawn.

Wendy said...

WHEW! That's the best Life Saver he'll ever have!

Dawn said...

HAHA Yeah, I was really shocked to see that he was still low after that, even with playing outside. He really wasn't all that active outside either, so he still must have had a good bit of IOB left.

I just thought it was so ironic how the "Life Saver" could have been what could have "saved his life" so to speak... well, atleast prevented an even harder crash LOL!

That little stinker tried to get ANOTHER life saver tonight after dinner, when he was supposed to be sitting on his bed in time out! LOL! Yep, candy dish has now been put up way out of reach for him! Think he's just going through a phase with this though, because he's never really done something like this, atleast not with candy (grapes, yes LOL! but that was when he was first dx'd).