Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Scentsy Online Fundraiser

 My dear friend, Chris Bowen, has agreed to help us raise money for the Blair County Diabetes Walk this year!!!

Chris is gracious enough to donate 20% of every Scentsy order to our Blair County Diabetes Walk--benefiting the Diabetes Research Institute-- The BEST Hope For A Cure!

Scentsy offers beautiful warmers, both plug-in warmers and regular ones (like the Heavenly Plug-In warmer to the left!), Scentsy bars & bricks, and much more!

If you love candles (like me!), you are going to LOVE Scentsy Products!

Our goal for the Blair County Diabetes Walk is to raise $20,000 to donate to the DRI  for a cure, for thousands of kids like my son, Lenny! This fundraiser is just one of our efforts to reach that goal! Every order and donation, no matter how big or small, will help!

This fundraiser is scheduled to stay open from March 1st through March 25th!!!

So, if you love candles, and better yet, Wickless candles, pop on over to Chris's Scentsy page, click on the "Blair County Diabetes Walk" party, and place an order today! Remember, 20% of every order is donated to the DRI- The BEST Hope For A CURE!

You can check out all the products that Scentsy has to offer by Clicking here. If you do not see "Blair County Diabetes Walk" in large font at the top of the page, you will need to select "Blair County Diabetes Walk" from the party selections for  your purchase to be counted toward our fundraising efforts.

Thank you all for all your support! Every little bit helps in reaching our goal!

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