Monday, February 28, 2011

My Pump Gear--Going Out of Business Sale!

Do you love a good deal?

I know I do! Who doesn't?!

Well, while I was on Twitter this afternoon, a tweet caught my eye. One I thought my reader's here would like to hear about!

My Pump Gear is having a Going Out of Business sale. While, it always saddens me to see a company, who supplies fun things for our "D" kids, to go out of business, I also know that this usually means a great, huge sale!

My Pump Gear has insulin pump cases, belts, and even belts for our kiddo's favorite lovey stuffy that "has diabetes too"! Their prices are drastically reduced, and are going fast! I've seen pump cases on My Pump Gear selling for only $10! Pump Belts going for only $2, and pump belts for "lovey stuffies with diabetes" for only $1! One dollar!

I asked the owner what shipping costs would be, and they promptly responded saying it is exclusively priority mail, so $5.45, or $10.95, depending on volume.

So, if you have been looking for a pump case, pump belt, or a pump belt for your child's favorite "stuffy lovey with diabetes", go check out My Pump Gear! But, you better hurry! These items are going fast, and when they are gone... they are g-o-n-e!

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Dawnmarie said...

Oooh...kind of you to share. It is always great to know about good deals on things that you use!