Friday, February 25, 2011

Freebie Friday!--Shakeology/BeachBody

Robin Brostovski with Shakeology & BeachBody is a health and wellness coach. She contacted us to do a product review of her Shakeology shakes!

Like you, as a mom with a type 1 diabetic child, I often find it hard to find the time to actually sit down and eat! Because of this, I find that my energy level is much lower than it should be.

I was talking to Robin one day about this, and she gave me some pointers. She also asked me to try a couple samples of her Shakeology product, and see how much of a difference it makes in my overall energy level.

WOW!  What a difference it makes!!

Shakeology shakes are packed with essential vitamins and minerals. One shake has 70 healthy ingredients in each glass! Shakeology is a certified low glycemic. In fact, it has a lower glycemic index than apples and oranges, pretzels and popcorn, baked potatoes and sweet potatoes! Click here to learn more about the glycemic index of Shakeology.

At first, when she asked me to try them, I was hesitant. Honestly, I thought "Its a health food shake, how good can it really taste?". Yep, I did not think it would taste that great.

The first one I tried was the Greenberry shake. In my package, she included a few recipes that I could use with the mixes. The one I tried with the Greenberry mix was called Berry Buster. It called for frozen blueberries and blackberries, a splash of orange juice, a scoop of the Greenberry Shakeology powder, water and ice. While, I did not have the frozen blackberries, I did have frozen blueberries on hand, so I used those, and  substituted the blackberries for some frozen strawberries.


I could not get over how delicious this tasted! I remembered that Robin had told me that it is safe enough for any member of my family to drink. She knows that I have a 4 year old daughter, and a 5 year old type 1 son, and she told me that it was even safe enough for my t1 son! While, my son was not home when I tried this (he was busy playing on my inlaws huge farm that weekend LOL!), I did let my daughter have a glass of it. She LOVED IT! I was actually very surprised she liked it, because she has begun to be a little bit of a picky eater. She loves her fruits and veggies, but meal times are a battlezone for us many days. I had no problems getting her to drink this though! And, that made this mommy one very happy mommy, because I knew she was getting something healthy!

My favorite one, however, (and appearently my daughter's favorite, was the Chocolate Shakeology shake!! Let me tell you... if you've ever been searching for a healthier alternative to a chocolate milkshake... this is it!! It tastes just like a chocolate milkshake, but has all the necessary vitamins and minerals we often lack in our daily diet! I'm drinking one right now as we speak! You should have seen the look on my daughter's face when she tried it for the first time! Her eyes got big, eyebrows perked, and after she finished swallowing her first sip, she looked at me and said "YUM!" with a big grin!

The thing I like the most though, aside from the fact of knowing it is healthier than the traditional milkshake, is on each mix packet, it has a nutrition facts chart. The chocolate packet has only 17g carbs, 1g fat, and 17g protein. This is not counting anything you add to the packets (fruit, milk, etc).

It makes a great meal suppliment! If you are trying to lose weight, it helps with that too! Use it as a meal suppliment, and add it to your diet and exercise regime.

It helps you feel energized and aids in digestive and regularity.

Aside from my own personal testimony, I found a few testimonies on their websites... from other people living with Type 1 Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes that I wanted to share with you...

Balance Blood Sugar
Shannon C., RI
I've been a type 1 diabetic for 30 years. I drink it before I do my workouts and it sustains a healthy blood sugar level for me all the way to the end.
Balance Blood Sugar
I'm a diabetic who was injecting insulin twice a day. I started drinking Shakeology, and now my tests show my blood sugar levels are normal.

Dean L., WI
I found those to be impressive testimonies... especially for our D Families!

Robin is offering 2 free samples to my Sugar Free Candyland readers! One Greenberry and one Chocolate shake packets to one lucky winner!

To enter (must do to qualify)( Be sure to comment on this Freebie Friday giveaway post about what you did to qualify, so we can verify and add you to the entries!)
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Good luck, and have fun everyone!!!

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