Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Funny Story, and New Announcement!

I just had to share this funny story with you all!

Last night, while my husband and I had dentist appointments, we were sitting in the office room waiting for the doctor to come back in. Lenny somehow starts talking about teeth falling out.

So, we go into the story about the "tooth fairy" with him, and explained to him that she gives him money for every tooth he looses!

Without missing a beat... the first thing out of his mouth was:

"Money that I can donate for a cure??"

This little guy, he never ceases to amaze me!

We told him that if he wants to donate his money to a cure, he can. Or he can use it to buy a toy, or save it, or do whatever he wants with it... its his money!

Earlier in the visit, as he was talking to the nurse and doctor while I was getting some dental work done, out of the blue he told them that he has diabetes. All I could do was smile. I am so proud of him for being willing and brave to tell even perfect strangers that he has diabetes!

Now, for my exciting announcement!

We have a new project launching soon, right here on Sugar Free CandyLand!

We will be interviewing one D-mom, (and dads!!!), as well as adults with Type 1 Diabetes! We will feature one person living with Type 1 every Thursday, so be sure to drop by and check out what other parents and adults with Type 1 have to say!

Would you like to be interviewed, too?

Email us at with the subject title "Interview" to express your interest in sharing your story with us!


Reyna said...

Very cool Dawn on Lenny sharing so openly. What a brave boy. And...I cannot wait to read about other D-moms and dads...and PWDs. I find the insight in the blogging world so helpful and educational.

Dawn said...

Thanks Reyna! Yeah, I like hearing other peoples dx stories. It amazes me how similar, yet different, some of their stories are, to our own. Not to mention, this is also a great way to get so many other peoples stories out there, shared with other T1 PWDs, as well as someone who may not know much about T1 and the struggles PWD's face on a day to day basis. So, basically, I think these interviews will be able to fulfill an array of things: 1. help connect PWD's and newly diagnosed families to support groups and supportive families who know what they are going through and where they will be in the future. 2. share our stories with each other, as well as families who would like an inside look at why we are so concerned for our kids, and maybe educate them some about this disease. 3. raise the awareness factor. and so many more aspects! I am truely thrilled at how well this idea has taken off, and so quickly! Everyone's stories that I have read so far have their similarities, and their differences, but it all boils down to, we are all there for our children, fighting the same disease, and hoping for the same cure. Its really inspirational!