Thursday, February 10, 2011

Inside The Sugar Free Mind Of... Bridget Winter

Bridget Winter, and her son Clifford, dxd at 6 yrs old.
 D-Mom, Bridget Winter has agreed to talk to us today about her son, Clifford's (aka Cliffy), diagnosis story.

Bridget is a Work-At-Home-Mom with a company called ChaCha, and a company called Demand Studio, and she's an IBO with Amway Global. She is an avid advocate, diabetes supporter, and a wonderful friend.

Cliffy was diagnosed at the tender age of 6 years old. He is a strong, bright little boy with the most adorable smile! He never lets his Diabetes defeat his wonderful spirit!

Here is their story:

When was Cliffy diagnosed? Cliffy was diagnosed on Feb. 28, 2010. He was 6 years old.

What emotions did you go through at diagnosis? At diagnosis he was in DKA (Diabetic Keto-Acidosis), and unresponsive the first day. I was a big ball of mess. Didn't know what to expect or what was really happening.

How has the diagnosis changed your life? Your Family? Your marriage/relationship? I am in constant worry about him, if h e will wake up, if he drops low at school, it's gotten better but not easier. On the pro side we now eat better and more healthier, and are more aware of the symptoms of T1. Chad and my relationship was only a little over a month new when Cliffy was dx'd. But, he stuck right by him and I and has been a huge help.

Did you have a good support system when diagnosed? Our system at dx included Chad, (in person at the hospital), my mom ( via phone), Chad's mom, sister and brother-in-law, step-dad, friends from work (via phone, online), my family (via phone, cousins, aunts)

Did you get involved in a diabetes support group soon after diagnosis? If so, online and/or offline? Didn't find the DOC (Diabetes Online Community) until around April when I first met DIane Ranaghan. She talked to me online when Cliffy was life flighted to Children's due to passing out from a hypo.

What online diabetes communities/support groups, if any, would you recommend and why? CWD online site, Type 1 Hangout via FB. Both great and supportive groups. Type 1 has done the card exchanges which the kids have enjoyed.

What part of the world are you from? Deep Freeze Pennsylvania

If someone reading this interview post who lived in your state was living with Type 1 Diabetes and wanted to connect with you for support, would you be OK with that? If yes, how could they contact you?  Yes, via Facebook or email is fine.

In your opinion, what is the hardest part about living with Type 1 Diabetes and why? The hardeest part is knowing right  now I can't cure my son of this disease and it takes over his body daily. I can only "manage" it and some days even though I'm trying my hardest, I feel like a failure.

Can you say/think of anything positive you have found about living with T1 Diabetes since diagnosis? Healthier lifestyle, better outlook on life and how precious it is, take it one day at a time.

What can you think of that you allow, despite of caring for a child with T1? Clifford does everything he used to with the exception to indulging in candy and cookies :)

What diabetes-charitable organization, if any, do you support and why? DRI (Diabetes Research Institute) and Dr. Faustman's research

Do you have a blog about diabetes? Bridget Writes
Facebook profile? Yes, CLICK HERE
Facebook Fan Page? Yes, CLICK HERE

What advice would you give to a family newly diagnosed? Hang in there, it does get better even though it might seem like your world has come crashing down, the sun will rise again and you will just have a new "norm".

What 3 things would you like more families not living with Type 1 Diabetes to know? 1.) Diabetes is an unpredictable disease, 2.) My son can still eat things normal kids can. 3.) His Type1 diabetes cannot be reversed /and or he can't grow out of it.

Do you work outside the home, work from home, or are you a stay at home mom? I am a work at home mom at ChaCha and Demand Studios, and I'm an IBO with Amway Global

Thank you Bridget for being our First Ever "D-Mom" to be featured on our blog and allowing us to get "Inside YOUR Sugar Free Mind"!! Thank you for sharing Cliffy's diagnosis story with us, for striving for a cure, and for being a wonderful, supportive friend!

Do you want to be a featured "D-Mom", "D-Dad", or T1 here?  Would you like to get your diagnosis story heard? Want to be interviewed? Then shoot me an email at with the subject title: "Interview"!


Meri said...

Great interview. It always knocks me out that we are all so much alike. :)

Reyna said...


Anonymous said...

Nice Interview Bridget Keep up The Good work I Know Its tough Hang In there Afte all You Are Irish Stong.
Love Mom !!!!

Dawn said...

Thanks Meri! Yeah, it floors me that we are all so much alike, with just a sprinkle of differences. Hearing/reading some of the stories I have so far, have made me, personally, think back about Lenny pre-diagnosed, and question some of the things that I have seen and questioned a long time ago. Others, have brought to light some things I may not have even thought of.

Awwww! Bridget's mom commented! Welcome to Sugar Free Candyland, Bridget's Mom!! And thank you for commenting! You're right! This may not be an easy, by the book disease, but we all need to "hang tough" and Bridget is doing an amazing job with Cliffy!