Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sugar and Spice, and Everything Nice

Ok, so the title of this post doesn't really have much of a connection to the blog topic... except that I am thinking about my daughter LOL! Ya know what they say about girls... full of Sugar and Spice, and Everything Nice!

Actually, what this blog post is about is more the possibility of second children becoming diabetic.

I have searched all over the internet to see if I could find a consistant percentage on what experts believe the increased rate for siblings of T1 children is. I keep coming up with different estimates. That said, I won't even begin to go into the percentages, until I can find something more consistant/accurate.

I would like to know though, how many of you with children with diabetes, will have a second child diagnosed?

I worry about that often. Even more-so when my daughter is sick. I check my daughter's blood sugar every 6 months or so, and anytime I think she might be showing some symptoms.

Do you do the same thing? If so, how often do you check your other children? If not, why?

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Wendy said...

I think we all worry about it...was told "5% chance" at Sugar's dx. I have no idea where that number came from, btw.

I test the other two whenever I suspect symptoms -- primarily wetting the bed or seemingly unusually thirsty.

So far so good :)