Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy 2 Year LIVE-Aversary Lenny!!!!

Today marks the second year of Lenny's diagnosis!

As I sit here typing, I am reminicing. Thinking about everything this family has gone through since October 6, 2008. How stressful and scary that first year was. All of the accomplishments. All of the battles, won and lost. All of the frustrating days with highs, lows, and ketones. All of the wonderful days of perfect levels. The learning curve as we entered this adventure, and as we started a new adventure in January 2010 when he got his pump. The excitement in his eyes when Rufus came to live with us, and when Rufus got his pump 1 week before Lenny started on his very own. The learning curve with getting the pump. All of the happy moments, and the not so  happy moments. All of the A1C results over the last 2 years.

When he was first diagnosed, I remember it like it was yesterday, they told me his blood sugar was 593. The urine ketone test came back and they said when they dipped it, it immediately turned brown. When they explained that that brown color meant he had very large ketones, and what ketones were I was in shock. They told me that had I waited just one more week (his check up was a week away), he would have probably been in a coma. They told me when they called Children's, they originally wanted the pediatrician to send him in an ambulance or Life Flight. The pediatrician told them it wasn't necessary because he was still very much concious, awake, and alert.

Honestly, I was in shock from the time I saw the 593 on the monitor right up till we got home to pack our bags to spend a week in the hospital. My mother in law was with us the day we took him to the pediatrician, she came in the room with us. I remember the nurse telling us what the blood sugar reading was, and my mother in law bursting into tears. I didn't cry, atleast not at this point. I think it is because I was still in shock, and because, to be quite honest, I had no idea what Type 1 Diabetes really was, what it consisted of doing to take care of my baby boy, how serious it could be, or how life threatening it could be. I had no idea that I could lose him at any given minute because of a low blood sugar, or high blood sugar and ketones. I had no idea.

The tears for me hit when Lenny, Hubby, and me were in the car, driving 2 hours to Pittsburgh. It hit me that Lenny's life was about to change. Big time!

In the hospital, I remember trying to stay strong, for Lenny. I didn't want him to see me cry for him. I didn't want him to be scared. Sometimes, though, it did get the best of me. I remember my husband and how emotional he got. It was a side of him I don't think I have ever seen before.

Today though.... today is a wonderful day.

The kids won't have school today, so, we will be doing some fun things. Mommy got most of her housework done early this week. So, I think today we will play some games, maybe go outside for a while, and have a special treat to celebrate his 2 year LIVE-aversary!

Why celebrate on the day of his anniversary of his diagnosis?

Because, I look at it just like a birthday.... a new beginning.

We celebrate birthdays because it is a celebration of the beginning of a new life, the childs birth.

Well, we celebrate the anniversary of his diagnosis because it, too, is a new beginning. It was a new beginning of his new life, a life with diabetes. We celebrate because we are celebrating the years that pass that, he has diabetes, but diabetes most certainly does not have him!

He does not let his diabetes get in the way of him being a normal child.

So, HATS OFF, Big Hugs, Lots of Kisses, to you Lenny! You make Mommy very, very proud!

P.S. everyone... comments should now work. I think I figured out what the problem was, and have fixed it (I hope! LOL!) Please feel free to go back through posts and leave comments if you wish! Thank you for your patience!

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