Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Morning

Ahhh.. It's Sunday morning! Lenny is at my inlaws, having fun running around on their 80 acre land. He has been down there since Friday night, so I'm not sure how his blood sugars have been treating him this weekend. Friday, we took the kids to a fair about an hour away, where my Mother in Law was selling some things. Both kids wanted to stay, so we let them. We picked up Mackenzie yesterday after Hubby got off work, and Lenny stayed at the "farm" again last night. While we were at the fair, for bedtime snack we got him a funnel cake with JUST cinnamon sprinkled on it (no powered sugar or cinn & sugar :) )

We expected his numbers to be high from the fat in there, so originally I put him on a +50% temp basal for 2 hrs to see how his numbers would play with that. BUT.... at that point in time, I wasnt expecting the kids to stay LOL! So, we took off the temp basal before we left. Later I find out he was high for them all night through lunch the next day. LOL Ok, well, atleast I know what caused the high LOL!

So, today my baby boy comes home. Happy happy Sunday! And, theres football today! WOOT! So, today when he gets home, I get to spend the rest of the day picking on him, tickling him, till he can't take it anymore! LOL! I can't wait! Then, tomorrow, both kids have school. His kindergarden school is doing SO well with him! I am truely impressed! There are a couple things we are still working out, but they are very co-operative with us, as we are with them. It is proving to be a good team!

So, for now, I will sign off.

See ya's on the flip side! And, don't forget... I love comments!!

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