Sunday, September 26, 2010

My baby boy is home!!!

YAY! Lenny is home again! I know he was only gone for a couple of days, but I sure did miss him! The house was so much quieter without him here LOL! While we were at my inlaws, we got to check out the finished gourds, pumpkins, peppers, watermelons, tomatoes, corn, and the many other crops he has been growing all summer long! He entered some of his stuff in a contest at a fair about an hour away from where we live and won several ribbons-ranging from First place to Fourth! I am so incredibly proud of him! He even got a check for his efforts! As soon as I can get a photo of him holding his check from my inlaws, I will post it here, as well as a photo of some of his fruitful rewards (produce lol). For now though, I would like to share this picture with you... it was taken earlier this summer of him working in the garden. He is such a little farmer. He makes me very proud! He has better work ethics than some adults I know! LOL!

Green bean plants the kids and I grew at home

First batch of green beans grown at home.

Lenny in the garden at my inlaws.
See! Isnt he such a great hard worker?! We brought home a TON of his corn, peppers, squash, green tomatoes, gourds, etc. tonight too! I have my work cut out for me this week washing them! LOL! He is supposed to take some gourds to school for some class project, Mackenzie will take some to school, and, a lady from Mackenzie's school (who used to take care of a lot of Lenny's D needs last year and the year prior, Diann) asked us to send her some of his gourds as well! So, tomorrow while the kids are in school, I will be washing all the veggies (after I do the dishes, sheesh LMAO!) and getting them prepped for the kids to take to their schools. I also have a small basket of gourds that I want to get some Thanksgiving fabric for to use to decorate the basket and put a basket full of his gourds in the middle of our kitchen table. Maybe tomorrow after I get them all cleaned up I will spread some out on the table to take a picture and share it with you all!

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