Monday, September 27, 2010

Losing my mind!

Ok, I am losing my mind here. My daughter has only slept for about 30 minutes in the last 4 hours. She's complaining about multiple things, everything from "i dont wanna go to sleep cuz i miss you" to a toothache. Gave her tylenol, motrin and baby oragel earlier. Hasnt seemed to help any. She cried almost non stop for the last 4 hours. Just gave her another dose of tylenol (since it has been 4 hours since her last dose). HOPING this helps! Mama is so frustrated at this point! She's woke up everyone in the house atleast twice already. She was refusing to sleep.... I mean flat out REFUSING! UGH. Why does it seem like nothing in parenthood can be easy?

On the upside, even though Lenny had to miss snack tonight, his blood sugars as of midnight have been great! Though, its the 3am check I am worried about. You see, lately he seems to drop 50+ points between midnight and 3am with his basal settings. On a rough night that is good, or even a moderately high night (but one not high enough for me to correct) but, he was 177 at midnight tonight. He will prolly be in the low 100s by 3am. Hopefully he will maintain that level, though he could still drop.

No rest for the restless. Guess that saying is ringing true in this household tonight. I normally take a nap after dinner till about 11 or 11:30... but, tonight I wound up missing it because we didnt get home from my inlaws till 8. Then I got the kids dressed for bed, and fought with Mackenzie ever since on trying to get her to go to sleep. So, here I am, babbling to anyone out there willing to read this, at 1:53am.

Sorry for the babble and vent session, but I SOOOOOOOOO needed this tonight.

First thing in the morning I will be calling the kids' health insurance company to see if the dentist we want for the kids is a provider in their network. Next step will be to call that dentist to be sure they are accepting new patients (though, we have no doubt in our minds that they will accept new patients). The last step will be to switch providers and get her in to see this new dentist THIS WEEK to get this tooth taken care of... before we all lose our minds, or worse, Hubby gets hurt on the job because hes not getting enough sleep at home.

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