Monday, September 27, 2010

Another Brand New Day

Another brand new beautiful day has come.

After the excitement of last night with Mackenzie, I am ready for a new day! I started the day off so far by waking up on the living room floor snuggled up to my little munchkin. How she got on the floor, I have no idea LOL!

Hubby woke me up and told me it is 6:30 and time to get up and get Lenny ready for school. Still half asleep, I drag myself off the floor, go in the kitchen and start a pot of coffee. I then sit at my desk and try to wake up after Hubby left for work.

Then, I remembered, I never got the chance to get Lenny's book bag ready for school last night, as I normally do. So, I went downstairs and got his rest time blanket out of the dryer, folded it and rolled it to fit in the bag, zipped up his bag, got his breakfast started, woke him up and got him dressed and fed.

Then I realized I forgot to put the calendars in his diabetes bag last week. I printed off these blank calendars for the school to use to write down everythig he eats, and the total carbs of each, so that when I review his numbers at home, I can pin point what is causing highs and lows they are experiencing. So, got that in his diabetes bag this morning as well.

When Lenny woke up this morning, his sugar was a little high...238. I havent figured out what caused his blood sugar to climb over night yet, especially since he skipped bedtime snack last night, and typically between midnight and 3am he drops 50 points, then remains steady between 3am and breakfast. Time to watch for patterns.

He is off to school now. The day is still young. Praying he has a good day full of laughs, fun, and good numbers.

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