Tuesday, September 28, 2010

An Inspiring Thought

So, today, as I was goofing off on Facebook, trying to keep myself awake, I popped over to the PEP Squad fan page. There, I found another mother with a child with Type 1 had posted something I found very inspirational. While, I wont post her exact phrase because I haven't asked her permission, I will sum it up for you.

The message came across to me clear as day. In short, our type 1 children are Heros. They endure so much in their day to day lives, that most people don't think twice about! Counting carbs for absolutely everything that enters their mouths, checking their blood 6-10+ times a day, All the finger pricks, needle jabs, highs and lows, complications, worrying about ketones, worrying about hypoglycemic reactions, and so much more, on top of normal everyday childhood things like making friends, fitting in, to play a sport or not to play a sport, homework, classwork, bullies, hanging out with friends, dances, etc.

To me, a Hero is someone that goes the extra mile. These kids go that extra mile, and then some, just to live a normal healthy life. Not to mention those children (and many of them do) that speak up and try to educate others about their condition, raise awareness about diabetes, and work hard to raise funds for the cause that is so near and dear to them, that they are so passionate about, that they live with each and every day of their lives.

All children with Type 1, in my eyes, are heros. Lenny is my hero.

As I type this, I think about the current condition his diabetes is in tonight. His blood sugar is very high, 451. He has moderate ketones. His little body, so delicate and pure, is being ravaged inside. Yet, when I woke him up to change his sheets (he often pees the bed when he is high), his attitude  was nothing less than amazing. Happy. Smiling. Joking. As if he had no clue what was going on. And, maybe he did, and maybe he didn't, but, he is my hero because of that. He is going through so much right now, so much that he can not control, yet, he is not allowing it to affect his attitude... even at 12am midnight.

Lenny, you are my hero baby. I love you so very much. You may have diabetes, but diabetes will NEVER have you! And your attitude, and thirst for knowledge about your diabetes, reminds me of that every single day. I love you honey!

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