Saturday, September 25, 2010

Welcome to SugarFree Candyland!

So, looking back at my last blog, I see that it has been a LOOONNNGG time since I have posted anything!

First and foremost, I would like to welcome you all to my new blog! I wanted to start fresh by giving it a new name, new look, and in the future, new content, helpful advice, helpful links, and a lot more! I do hope you all enjoy this blog as much as I am going to enjoy writing it!

My purposes for this blog has many different levels. They include:

1) a place to write thoughts, feelings, ideas, etc about the day to day living as a family with a Type 1 diabetic child. Families like ours struggle in many different ways every day, as well as  have many accomplishments. Some of which, non-diabetic families may be totally unaware of! So, yes, this will be a place for me and my family to vent a little, but also to help others realize what goes on in the life of a T1 family! My opinion is, if you learn more about what it is REALLY like living with it, then, at the very least, you are learning something new. If you ever have any questions about ANYTHING diabetes related, please feel free to always leave your questions in a comment to be answered. Don't ever feel like your questions are "stupid questions". As my mother-in-law always says.... "The only stupid question, is the one not asked." I am a strong believer in this quote.

2) To educate those families who are unaware what diabetes is all about, the differences between the types, Battles type 1 families face with schools, insurance companies, as well as comments and looks we receive while out in public and needing to give our children their life-sustaining medications, and why we have to tell them "no" to typical kid stuff. Education, education, education.

3) To help other T1 families get the legal documentations and resources to enter your T1 child in school safely. (If you are struggling with something or need to find something, just post a comment and I will do my best to help you!)

4) To raise awareness for all families, children, and adults living with Type 1 Diabetes.

5) I am sure as this blog grows, and as my personal experiences with my T1 son goes on, the goals, dreams, and purposes of this blog will also grow as well.

The mail goal however is to help raise awareness of what T1 is, how it affects the WHOLE family, and provide resources to other T1 families.

*Please note: I am not a lawyer, nor a doctor. If I give advice/suggestions here on various topics, please be reminded of this. Before making any changes to your child's medical needs, medications, etc. ALWAYS talk to your health care provider. If I give any advice/suggestions with legal information, please ALWAYS check with your legal representative, or do your own legal research. Most of the links and things on this website are for resource information only and to hopefully help guide you in the right direction. Also, be aware, many of the links I provide here were provided to me by either my own advocates in the past, or by searching the internet on my own for legal things I needed to know for my own son's safety in school. If you question anything I post here, ALWAYS as an expert in their field for more information. I am just a mommy taking care of a Type 1 child living in the state of Pennsylvania. I do not know every state law protecting these children, however, I try my best to help other families find and/or learn about the laws protecting their children.

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