Sunday, April 22, 2012

Things We Forget-WEGO Challenge Day 22

Today's topic for the WEGO Health Activist posts is: Things we forget.

I must admit, I think I am the most forgetful person I know!

You can tell me something one minute, and after 5 minutes I will forget it.

Tell me directions on how to get somewhere... forget it! Might as well just write them down... or better yet, send me on a "treasure hunt" complete with a map and X mark the spot! LOL!

Yes, I am forgetful... very much so.

In fact, recently, I even forget to post here! I decided to start participating in the WEGO Challenge, in hopes that I'd be able to get back into the swing of things of writing on this blog again. Has it worked? Nope.

I don't only forget minor things throughout the day, but also sometimes some pretty major ones. For instance...

I've been known to forget to get bloodwork done for Little Man (the one that tests cholesterol, etc).
I've been known to get wrapped up in something around dinner or bedtime snack time, and forget to dose Little Man his insulin.

Yeah, I've made some pretty big boo-boo's in my time, due to my forgetfulness.

Most of the time, I make myself a list to help me remember what I need to do throughout the day. I write them on sticky notes (Post-It notes), and stick them on my wall in front of my desk in the living room. (LOL Don't laugh! LOL!) My lists will include everything from daily chores I need to do from day to day, to people I need to call, etc. When my cell phone number changes... where do you think I put it for a while till I have it ingrained in my brain? Yep! You guessed it! On a Post-It note stuck to my wall at my desk LOL!

I've often wondered why my memory is so bad. I've had a bad memory since childhood. Unfortunately, though, it seems it is progressively getting worse. I was just joking with my husband about this not too long ago, saying that, at the rate things are going with my memory... I'll be 50 years old and not remember my own name! LOL!

Yeah. My memory is horrible, and I rely heavily on making lists for myself.

What are some things you tend to forget?
What solutions do you have for helping you remember things?

Don't forget... post me some comments! LOL!


Sharon said...

I am also just as forgetful! I've been known to wake my little guy up in the middle of the night when I've forgotten the basal dose.
I forget to bring the bag of diabetes supplies with us when we leave the house, or, I forget to make sure everything is in it, or I forget to check that there are enough test strips or enough insulin in the Flexpen. A-nnoying!
The forgetfulness doesn't only include diabetes related things, I forget to make phone calls, get oil changes, purchase needed items at the store!
When someone finds a cure for this blip in my brain, please let me know first! LOL

Dawn Lidwell said...

LOL if someone tells you about a cure for it... let me know! Mine seems to get worse and worse every year LOL!