Monday, February 20, 2012

Writers Block! AHHH!

As you can tell... my postings over the past several months have gone from bad to worse :-(

I've found that I've been crippled with writers block... AHHHH! LOL!

So, tonight is the night I decided to try to overcome it, and I figured, the only way to do that, is just to start blogging again! Not entirely sure WHAT direction things will go in from here on out, though! In the past, I've worked really hard to bring out the educational side of diabetes in my blog posts. I've wrote about everything from how carbs, proteins, and fats work in the body and play their own roles with blood sugars... to stress and blood sugars, and everything in between (that I can think of! LOL!). I've wrote about some of the laws and rights our children and families have when dealing with public school districts as well. I've even wrote several articles about you, the families of diabetic children, which I do plan to continue if the interest for interviews is still there :-))! (See Featured T1-ers interviews!) Pretty much, I've just come to a road block on what else to write about that is both educational, and helpful to parents of children with diabetes. If there's any area's you feel that I have overlooked, or have questions about, please feel free to ask about them in the comments! If it is a topic I haven't covered yet, I most definitely will do my best to provide you with the best information I can!

So, right now, I'm just kind of "winging it" so to speak LOL! While I am working on getting over this hump... I think I will also be working on cleaning up the blog appearance some as well. What do you all think? Time to make it look a little less cluttered? Maybe get a whole new look? Or do you like it just the way it is?

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