Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Independent Little Monkey

Oh my little independent monkey. How they grow up so fast!

This morning I woke little man up for school. Laid out his school clothes on the bathroom sink so he could get dressed, then went about starting his breakfast. As I was zipping around the house taking care of a few things, he came out and checked his sugar by himself.

I sat down for a moment (or three lol), then realized, hmm.. He's been standing there checking his sugar at the table for a while now... what's going on?

I peeked in and asked him what he was doing, and he proceeds to walk to me saying "Mom, this isn't working right." My first reaction, especially after having a problem with our previous pump not too long ago (long story, will blog about that another day) was, OH boy... here we go again!

Instead, he caught me off guard LOL!

He handed me his Precision Xtra KETONE meter, which was showing an error. Looked at the test strip he used (knowing full well that I had used the last ketone blood strip last night!) and had to chuckle a bit.

Yep, you guess it! He used the Glucose test strip inside the Ketone meter LOL!

Had to smile at him, praise him for his efforts and recognizing what he was supposed to do when he sees a high blood sugar reading (which, yes, it was high when he checked it!), and explain to him that when he sees the letter E on that meter's screen, it means there's an error. I also explained to him that the reason he got an error was because the strip he used in the meter is only to check his blood sugar, and that we receive a different kind of strip for the ketone meter but that we need to get some refills for those kind of strips because we are out now.

It always amazes me how much responsibility one little guy WANTS to take on! He has always been the kind of kid to want to know everything about everything, though!

And yes, his urine ketones came back negative =-)

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jcullen said...

awww...bless his little heart. <3