Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"In It To End It" Story Quilt

Hand-made "In It To End It" Story Quilt
Once again, my Mother-In-Law had another awesome idea! This year, she made something that is called a "Story Quilt"!

This Story Quilt was crafted with the people living with Diabetes in mind. Each square on this quilt has a meaning behind it!

In the center of the quilt (photo shown to the left) is the words "In It To End It" in blue squares with white  embroidered letters. The cross is for the Faith that everyone with Diabetes needs to make it through another day. The words "In It To End It" were used with the permission of Tom Karlya, VP of the Diabetes Research Institute, which is a phrase he coined and allowed her to use... Thank You Tom!!

One red patch is for the one drop of blood that is used, one drop at a time, for all the blood sugar tests.

Rose patches, for all the rosy cheeks when the blood sugar is too high.

Wave patches, for the ups and downs of blood sugar numbers.

Bears patches, for toys and practice shots.

Easter and Christmas patches are for all the holidays  that a diabetic gets to see, from the beginning of the year, to the end, and everything in between.

Green is for all the money that is needed for research to find a cure.

Brown is because we all need to stay grounded.

White is for purity.

Band-Aids is to remind us that Diabetes is a Medical Condition.

Horses, to represent the strength needed every day.

Legs for all the Diabetes walks that go on everywhere.

Black, for the hole that we sometimes would like to crawl into.

Hearts and Valentines all around the quilt, to know that love is all around

And the word Diabetes, to represent everyone living with diabetes, regardless of type!

The "In It To End It" Story Quilt measures 60 inches x 48 inches

Didn't my mother-in-law do a wonderful job?!

Team Lenny is raffling off this beautiful hand-made quilt, both online and offline, to help raise money for the Diabetes Walkathon for the Diabetes Research Institute.

If you would like to enter for a chance to win, please place a donation on our Team Lenny Fundraiser Page. Please remember NOT to donate anonymously on the fundraiser page. If you donate anonymously, we will not be able to enter your name in the drawing!

The raffle will be from now through May 19th, 2012.

The drawing will take place at the Diabetes Walkathon on May 19th. If the winner is someone who placed an online donation to enter, then I will contact the winner via email!

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