Tuesday, April 5, 2011


A lot of talk has been going around our household lately. Talk about our upcoming Diabetes Walk. Talk about fundraising efforts.

I wanted to share with you all something he did this weekend.

You see, every weekend, he stays with my inlaws.

He loves going to their house, playing the Wii (and kicking "G" and Pap's tail at Wii Bowling! LOL!), and growing wonderful crops like corn, peppers, tomatoes, peas, beans, squash, etc etc.

He is what has inspired me to start gardening here at home.

Anyway. He came home from G and Pap's house Sunday night while I was napping. When I woke up, my husband informed me that Lenny had something to show me.

Lenny came trotting into the room, carrying this bag, then handed it to me. As soon as I read what it said, my eyes began to fill with tears.

Then, I was told the story behind it. (Prepare yourselves, mama's! I'm sure many of you will find it to be a tear-jerker as I have! LOL!)

My husband filled me in on the story.(Paraphrasing the story as I can't describe it the same way it was told, but you'll get the hint!) He said, Lenny was messing with one of the piggy banks he has at my inlaws house. Then, appearently, he told my inlaws that he wanted to take the money out of the piggy bank, and put that money toward a cure.

My baby boy. He didn't want to spend the money on a toy, or video game. He wanted to give the money he's saved to The Cure.

He wants a cure so badly he can taste it.

He is such a great Diabetes Advocate. Always willing to talk to anyone, even strangers, about his diabetes. I've never heard him talk about it to others in a negative light, but, you can tell he wants people to know about it, know he has it, and know he wants a cure.

You may remember a previous post I made back in February about a talk we had with Lenny about the Tooth Fairy. The one where he asked if he could donate the money that the Tooth Fairy gives him for losing his teeth, to the cure.

Conversations like these happen all over the world. In thousands of families homes. With children as young, and even younger, as well as older.

Children and adults living with this condition pray for a cure every day of their lives.
While, they do learn to cope, manage, and live a happy and healthy life, they still, deep down, wish they never had this disease.

Families like ours do everything they can to help make their child's dreams a reality.

This is what these kids want the most.

A Cure.

Will you help us help these kids?


Kerry said...

Well you were right...not a dry eye here :) My son does the same thing, he takes ALL his money and saves it for the walk. Our children are amazing and I pray for a cure for them everyday. xoxox

Dawn said...

LOL Yep, our kid are truely amazing! It amazes me how giving and caring they are!

Joan said...

That is awesome! What an amazing little guy! We missed having a walk last year because I was recovering from having his little brother, but we plan on it this year.

Jules said...

how precious. thanks for the warning, blubbered like a baby.