Friday, February 4, 2011

My Sweet Munchkins

My sweet little munchkins, Lenny and Mackenzie.

First, I should probably start from the beginning. I must apologize for not blogging much over the past week or so. I had some dental surgery done and have been feeling quite crappy, to be honest.  Because of the stitches, soreness/tenderness, swelling, amongst other things, I have not had much energy as I have not been able to eat properly. I promise that once things smooth over, and I am able to get my mind back on blogging more (and get over this writers block! LOL!), I will be back here writing your eyes out lol.

With that said, back to my sweet munchkins.

Ever since my dental surgery, my little munchkins have been quite angels! Don't get me wrong, they are typically good kids. But, you know kids. Kids can be mischevious, curious, as well as loads of fun! Well, since my dental issues started, they have really tried hard not to upset mommy. They ask every morning, "mom, are you feeling better today?" Actually, they ask that atleast twice a day. Once in the mornings, and then again usually when they get home from school. They really know how to warm your heart!

Everyone has chipped in drastically while I have been down. The kids have been doing an amazing job at keeping the living room cleaned up (as best they can anyway lol! I'm not picking up massive amounts of toys like I used to!). My husband has helped a lot with the rest of the housework; dishes, laundry, etc! My sister-in-law has washed a few loads of laundry for me right after I had my dental surgery done, so that the kids and hubby would have clean clothes for the week; because she knew I was on a "no lifting" restriction. My inlaws took the kids for several days so that I could rest and heal as quickly as possible. I just love my family, and don't know what I would ever do with out them!


Reyna said...

Wow! I hope your recovery is SPEEDY Dawn. Your family sounds amazingly helpful.

We'll be here waiting for you to pop our eyes out with all the blogging!!! :)

Dawn said...

lol Thanks Reyna! Yeah, my family is awesome! Wouldn't know what I'd do without them! I'm starting to feel a little better, though not 100% yet- that will take some time though, for what I had done lol. But, I am trying to post more :)

Kerry said...

What an amazing little family you have there. They obviously learned how to be supportive from you Momma :)

Dawn said...

HAHAHA I dunno about all that Kerry! LOL!