Thursday, February 3, 2011

Freebie Fridays!


What is Freebie Fridays?!

Well, we are in preparations to start offering giveaway contests right here on this blog, for all our great readers! I thought this would be something fun for you, our wonderful readers, to participate in, as well as get some free stuff that, who knows, you may have not even ever heard about before!

Every Friday, we are planning to have a contest to give away free samples of various products. Some may be diabetes related, others may not (ie: anywhere from food/drinks safe for diabetics to candles, make-up, etc! Possibilities are endless!). It just depends on what type of companies contact us/we contact in regards to giving away an item to one of our lucky winners!

Please keep in mind, as this is still a new concept, the beginning stages of it may be slow. What I mean by this is, some fridays, we may not be able to have a giveaway contest. Also keep in mind, as our reader base grows, more businesses will want to contact us about our giveaway contests, for us to be able to offer YOU more free things!

Who doesn't like free stuff, right?!

So, who's excited for Freebie Friday to launch?! I know I am! I love making people happy, helping people save money, and, best of all, giving away free stuff! Invite your friends to follow this blog, and follow us on our Facebook Fan Page so they can get in on the fun too!

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