Tuesday, February 22, 2011

For The Love Of D...

I thought that blog title was kinda cute, don't you?!

Me and "D" (diabetes), have this love/hate relationship going on.

"D" loves to drive me bonkers with the continual rollercoaster ride of emotions and blood sugar levels.

I hate "D" for what it does to my little boy, everything he has to do in his day to day life to manage this disease.

Yes, I know "hate" is such a strong word. I do try to save it for those things I truely do hate, by definition of the word. But, honestly, I DO hate "D".

What started this topic?

Well, last night, for whatever reason, Lenny was running a bit on the high side. At 6am, when his sugar climbed back up to 221, I decided to put him on a +30% temp basal for the remaining hour he was going to be sleeping, knowing that without that, because of the way I have his night time basals set up, he would have kept climbing much more.

Oddly enough, by 7am breakfast time, he still climbed... to 273, despite increasing the basal. I know, I know, today I will change his basal settings at night. I just can't wrap my brain around how, as of lately, regardless of putting him on a +30% temp basal, no matter what time of day it is, he still climbs.

Oh well, I'm just glad it didn't come with its friend, Ketones! For that, I must thank "D" for not making his day (and mine!) more miserable than it could have been!

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