Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Attention Animas pumpers!

As I was reading through some of the "D" and "D-mom" blogs tonight, I came across the SixUntilMe blog.

She mentioned about a very important recall on the Animas pump cartridges, and I just needed to share this knowledge with you all as well, just in case you haven't found the SixUntilMe blog yet, or received this from Animas yet.

Please visit the SixUntilMe blog to download the letter from Animas to patients and healthcare providers to learn more information about the recall, what lot number to look for, etc. (as I am, unfortunately, unable to attach documents to my posts, but SixUntilMe has them attached to her post for easy accessability).

Thank You, and I pray none of you have any recalled cartridges!

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