Thursday, January 13, 2011

Robot Mode

Sometimes, us parents with diabetic kids get "breaks". By breaks, I am referring to when the kids are at grandparents house, when our spouses do the night time checks, etc. Any "break" that allows us to sleep a full night's sleep.

I am one of the lucky parents. I get these kind of "breaks" pretty regularly! On most weekends, my husband's parents take the kids for the weekend. On Wednesday night and Thursday night, usually, my husband lets me sleep all night and he does the overnight checks.

Sometimes though, my body isn't prepared for these "breaks".

Like last night. Last night, my wonderful husband let me lay down after our friend and her daughter left, after dinner, as I do pretty much every night. Well, he didn't wake me up at 11pm like he does on nights he has to work the next day, because he usually does the night time checks when he doesn't have to work the next day. I LOVE how we have worked out our schedules and share the D responsibilities! He's such a wonderful man!

So, anyway...

I woke up, rolled over and seen he was laying down. I then rolled to look at the clock, barely making out the time. I see the number 2:??

Not realizing what today was, I jumped out of bed, said "OH $#@%!" and started running for the bedroom door!

I must have woke him up in the process, as he turned to me and said "What's wrong?!" I immediately say, "I forgot to check him at midnight!"

He says, "Hun, its ok, I checked him at midnight. He's fine."


LOL Have you ever had nights like that? Nights where you COULD have slept all night, but your internal clock had other things planned for you? I don't know about you, but I have been having nights like that quite frequently.

I think I jolted myself awake so much that, even after he told me he was fine, and I KNEW he would be fine all night, as his basals have been working out PERFECTLY for us lately... I still couldn't fight the urge to go check him at 3am. I figured, well... I'm already awake... won't hurt to check!

I always kind of chuckle about nights like these... the next day of course! It's kind of funny how our bodies can get into such a routine, it automatically knows when we should be doing things. Like... Robot Mode!

I'm sure this "robot mode" won't be the last time it happens.

Do you experience "robot mode" when you are able to catch a "break"?


Sweet ~N~ Sassy said...

you are very fortunate that Daddy is involved and has your back. I do have robot mode, but also stay awake until little bit is stable and I feel safe going to bed. I also worry I won't wake up on time due to the lack of sleep over the past 2 & 1/2 yrs.
Thanks for sharing!

Sugar Free Candyland said...

Yeah, my husband has definitely been my ROCK through everything, since Lenny's diagnosis! I am very fortunate to have him, and so are our children! He is a wonderful husband and father. I couldn't have asked for anyone better!

I totally hear you! I normally take a nap after dinner every night during the weekdays (he's usually at the "farm" on weekends lol); atleast on the weekdays my husband has to work (he has a screwy work schedule LOL!). So, usually I can get a nap in around 6pm-ish, and will do the bedtime check,and he will wake me up around 11pm-ish to do the night time checks. But, when he doesnt have to work, he usually takes over the bedtime check, as well as the night checks so I can catch up on a little sleep.

I don't know what I would do without my husband, or how I would manage everything! He is a true blessing!

Hun, if you're reading this... I love you!!!