Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Little Things In Life

Do you know what seems to touch me the most? It's the little things in life. The small, kind actions of others that touches the depths of my soul. The ones that make me realize all the hard work, late nights, constant repeating of things, are all worthwhile.

It can be something as simple as a note showing appreciation, a smile, or even just a big hug from my kids.

Those small, subtle acts of kindness are what makes life in general worthwhile.

Yesterday afternoon, I was able to receive two! While life was crazy, kids were screaming and arguing, and I was trying to get my housework done, my kids, out of the blue, walked up to me and gave me the biggest hug, the sweetest kiss, and the cheesiest grin! Moments like those, I cherish.

The second subtle act of kindness came when I opened our mail. We received the Calorie King book that I discussed in my previous post. Attached to the book, was a post-it note. It was a brief note, but one that made me smile, and brought a tear to my eye. Just the fact that it was so kind gave me a warm feeling inside.

On the note, it said, " Best wishes for a happy & healthy 2011 to Dawn & Lennie! (signed) Jeanne at Calorie King".

Jeanne is the lady I spoke to from the Research Department at Calorie King earlier this week regarding the clementines I mentioned in my previous post.

She didn't have to leave this note for us.... but she did! And, because of that note, and because of those big hugs, sweet kisses, and cheesy grins; at the end of the day, it made me realize, through all the chaos, craziness, and lack of sleep, my life is perfect just the way it is. And, I wouldn't want it any other way!

I would like to encourage everyone reading this blog, whether you are living with diabetes, a parent to someone with diabetes, or not, to actively search for those little things in life that warm your heart and lifts your spirits. I find, that by doing this, it helps me to find what true happiness and satisfaction in life, is all about!

So go! Play with your kids! Talk to others! FIND those little things in life! You, too, will see that even in the craziest of lives, it can bring you a little hope and joy into your life!

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Reyna said...

Absolutely! And...great on the Calorie King Book and the note. That is awesome.