Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Precision Xtra Ketone & Glucose Monitoring System

I thought today we could talk a little about an alternative method of Ketone testing.

Abbott Diabetes Care Company manufactures the only blood ketone AND glucose test meter.The name of the glucose/ketone blood meter is Precision Xtra.

I have been using this meter to test for ketones for the last couple of months now, and love it! It's more accurate than urine ketostix, saves me from worrying about ketones when Lenny's blood sugars are high but he is unable to urinate. I cannot say enough about this meter!

The meter uses two different testing strips, each sold seperately (or billed to your insurance company seperately), Blood Glucose Test Strips, and Blood Ketone Test Strips. I think it is great that they have two different strips to test two different things, because, if you're like we are, Lenny has the Animas Ping insulin pump, which has its own meter remote that "talks" to the pump. So, for people like me, I wouldn't have a need for the blood glucose test strips with the Precision Xtra.. just the blood ketone strips!

The only complaint I really have about the Precision Xtra Blood Ketone Test Strips is... it seems as if it takes a lot of blood to "fill" it up enough to get a reading. I'm not a big fan about that, but, atleast it sure beats waking him up at 3am to get a urine ketone reading!

Why do I say that the blood ketone testings are more accurate?

Well, many people may not know this, but, urine ketostix test for ketones in the urine over the past 3-4 hours. I don't know about you, but, thats a LONG time to me! With the blood testing, its just as accurate as taking a blood glucose test.

Just recently, I have had to test Lenny for ketones because his blood sugar was high. I used the Precision Xtra ketone meter to test first, and it said he had 0.8 (moderate) ketones. I then tested his urine ketones, and they read negative. Which was more accurate? I'd say the blood ketone testing was.

One other downfall that may make some people debate if they want to get the Precision Xtra meter is, sometimes it means you need to do an extra finger stick. Me personally, I think it's worth it! But, it is definitely something to weigh the pro's and con's with, and ultimately make the best decision for your own family.

If you are wanting more information about the Precsion Xtra Blood Glucose and Ketone Test Meter, please CLICK HERE to be directed to the Abbot Diabetes Care website!

**NOTE: I was not asked by an Abbot Diabetes Care representative, nor am I receiving any incentives for voicing my opinion on this product. I simply wanted to give my personal testimony on the Precision Xtra Ketone test meter for others who may be wondering about it.


Reyna said...

Dawn I couldn't agree more. I get so angry that so many don't know about this. I may re-post a BETA BUDDIES...oldie but goodie about this very topic and link to you.

Many people ONLY know about the urine ketostix. That is simply WRONG.

Sugar Free CandyLand said...

Absolutely hun! Anything to help raise awareness, and help other families manage diabetes, I'm open to! And, if there's anything you'd like to see discussed here, or something you haven't seen me talk about here, please feel free to let me know! Diabetes is such a vast topic, I sometimes tend to get writers block LOL so any input from my followers is always greatly appreciated!

Kerry said...

I was un-aware that there was even keytone meters out there until I read Reyna's blog post about it actually and so then I started to do my own research and I was mortified that I hadn't known. Why wouldn't our Endo ever tell us that this exists it's been almost 4 years with D. Anyways I got this exact one and we love it. Thank you again for sharing this information. You ladies rock!

Dawn said...

Oh yeah! We LOOOVVEE our Precision Xtra!

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