Sunday, October 17, 2010

This Week's Goals

Today I wanted to share some goals with you all.

This week, my "diabetes related" goal is to contact some local pharmacies and stores to see if they do any type of "Diabetes Awareness" fundraisers for Diabetes Awareness Month!

I plan to call places like Sheetz (for those of you who do not know what Sheetz is, its a gas station/convenient store, but a HUGE chain here in the northwestern part of the U.S.). Also, places like small mom & pop pharmacies, KOPP drugs, etc.

If they are not doing any type of fundraising for Diabetes Awareness Month, my goal is to discuss with them about the possibility of selling the DRI Snoopy papers to help  us raise money for a cure!

Diabetes Awareness is something very important to me, as many of you may already know. Finding a cure for this disease for, not only my son, but for the millions of other people living with Diabetes, is my lifelong dream. The day these children and adults can live their life, free of Diabetes, would be the greatest day of my life!

Since, I have nothing to sell to try to help raise money, and I'm not the "public speaker" type to go into the schools and talk about diabetes... I need to get a little more creative. While, yes, I know, this isn't exactly a "creative" way to raise money.... it is a proven way. And it will help, atleast a little, until I figure out something a little bigger and better to do in the local area!

Are you doing some kind of fundraiser to help raise awareness and funds for a cause?

If so... please share! We love hearing all of your feedback!

Have an idea? Share it!

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Wendy said...

I expected to be GUNG HO this year, seeing how it's our 5th anniversary and all. Unfortunately, I found myself feeling slightly bitter and a little hopeless about the whole idea of a "cure".

Then I started doing some homework about current events in today's research and was able to find some motivation again.

We're walking with JDRF on 10/30. Usually our family does lots of little fundraisers over the course of the year, but it took me awhile to get my act into gear this year. I did a letter campaign to friends and family and I'm happy to report that we met our goal of $1,000 within a week of sending them out!

Keep up the good awesome to know there are D Fams all over the world, supporting research from different angles to make a cure happen!