Friday, October 22, 2010

How would you celebrate?

This is a thought I find myself thinking about relatively often.

How would we celebrate the day we heard the news that they have found a cure for Diabetes?

How would we celebrate the day our child received that cure?

Every time I think about these two questions, I always manage to come up with a different answer.

I tease my husband all the time and tell him that "The day they find a cure, I'm going to go to ever house in Cresson and give whoever answers the door a big hug and kiss... walk down the main street and do the same to every person I run into"

Realistically, yeah, that probably wouldn't happen LOL! Though, I do, realistically, envision myself jumping up and down screaming at the top of my lungs! I see myself feeling an overwhelming variety of emotions... mostly happy emotions, like the ones that hit you to the core of your being. The kind of happy and excited emotions that make you cry uncontrollably.

The day my son receives the cure... how would we celebrate?

Sometimes I think we would take him out to The Meadows frozen yogurt shoppe and just let him go hog wild, not hold him back on the amount, type, or kind of frozen yogurt, ice cream, or custard that he wanted. Let him eat absolutely anything and everything he wanted, any time of the day. Yeah, sure, he'd be throwing up later that night.... but seeing him being so care-free, worry-free, and enjoying his "back to normal" life will be SO worth the "puke clean-up duty" LOL!

I also think after our initial "family celebration", I would probably call up/contact on face book, some of the local D-Moms I have met, going through the same things, and plan a huge "DIABETES FAMILY" celebration as well, getting everyone together to celebrate our achievement on "kicking diabetes' butt"! Everyone living with diabetes, whether its the individual, or you are taking care of someone with it... deserves to celebrate the day we can finally tell diabetes to GO AWAY and NEVER RETURN!

I would also reminisce, and say a little prayer, to those who have lost the battle over the years. Just this week, as I was reading some of my face book friends status updates, I learned that diabetes has claimed the life of another innocent child. She was 13 years old, and died of the "Dead In Bed Syndrome". She left behind 2 wonderful, loving parents, and a sibling who will always love and miss her dearly.

After finding out that news this week, I literally cried for 30 minutes. I cried for the family. I cried for the poor innocent child. I cried because of the reality that struck. I cried for my child. I cried for your child. And, I cried because of pure anger toward this disease. We need a cure.

So, if you were told that the researchers have found a cure for Diabetes... how would  you celebrate? How would  you celebrate the day your child received that cure?

I am really looking forward to hearing everyone's responses!

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