Thursday, September 30, 2010

What a day..

Yeah, today wasn't such a good day. Mama's head just wasn't with it at all. I was making mistakes left and right, couldn't concentrate or focus on much of anything. Not sure what got into me, but boy, it was bad!

The day started off with probably one of the biggest mistakes I've made in a long time. Somehow, I managed to forget to dose Lenny for breakfast. He went from 222 to 498 between breakfast and 10am morning snack.

UGH! I felt like the worst mother in the world. Poor Lenny. I can't imagine how he must have been feeling! The LPN the school outsourced to cover the first two hours of the school day, called me at 10 to tell me his blood sugar, no ketones, and she checked the site and thought it felt hard and wanted to do a site change. I said, ok, I can agree to that. She wanted to put the new site on his belly. I told her, "well, if you feel comfortable doing that, then fine, you can try it, however, I've talked with the endo on a few occations about using an alternative site location. She and I both agreed that he just doesn't have enough fat anywhere else to put a site." So she put the new site on the other butt cheek.

After that, Hubby came home, and we took Mackenzie to her dentist appointment. This little girl has been in so much pain with her tooth, for atleast the last month. For a month solid, I've been giving her tylenol, motrin, and baby ambesol atleast daily, sometimes more. This weekend she was up till almost 3am almost every night because of a toothache. She missed school on Monday because of a toothache. I tried so hard last week to get her seen by the previous dentist we were taking the kids to, but they kept telling me "we don't have any time spots open" Please keep in mind, she was already seen once this summer for a check-up. At that appointment, they told me she had a bad cavity and wanted to schedule her for an appointment for a filling. That was back in july! They scheduled her next appointment in mid-october! If he knew then that this cavity was bad, why didn't they get her in sooner for the filling?

So, anyway, we changed dental providers with the insurance and had her seen at Aspen Dental in Johnstown, PA. These are dentists my husband and I have used in the past, know, and trust. They are truely wonderful!

So, what does the dentist tell us? They say "she has 3 teeth that are pretty bad. The one she is complaining about right now is an important tooth, too. I am going to start her on an antibiotic and refer her to a pediodontist". He explained to us that the reason this tooth is so important is because, while it is a molar, she is still due to get a 6 year molar yet. If he were to pull this molar out now, then what would happen is when her 6 year molar comes in, it would overlap  where this one is, and crowd the area. In turn, causing a lot of pain and complications later down the line when the permenant tooth for this molar does come in. It made complete sense to me (though, I may not be explaining it well to you lol).  He said what he is going to do is refer us to a pediodontist and let him decide whether to pull it or to do another proceedure (which I can not recall the name of it) that is basically similar to a root canal, but for children. He said he has done these proceedures before, however, not on someone as young as she is so he would feel more comfortable with a pediodontist making that call and doing that proceedure if he deems fit.

Hearing this news, infuriated both myself, and Hubby. While, yes, it may be part our fault for her getting a cavity, and even for allowing it to get this bad. BUT, why did this previous dentist allow this cavity to go on for so long (3 months), knowing it was so bad? Why didn't he put her on an antibiotic then? Why didn't he refer us to a pediodontist then, unless it just continued to get worse and worse since the July visit dispite our efforts to control the issue? (Since the July visit, we've increased the number of times per day she brushes her teeth, to the point that sometimes she was brushing them 5 times a day, after every meal and snack). The previous doctor was quick to reem me out for allowing my 3 year old daughter to get a cavity, but not so quick to take care of the issue promptly before it got any worse.

After that, we came home and waited for Lenny to get home from school. Lenny and his aid's grandson have seemed to have become really good friends! So much so, her grandson didn't want to leave my house, he wanted to play outside with Lenny still LOL!

When he came home, I started to look at Lenny's BG's. Remember when I said earlier that the AM LPN nurse at the school changed the site? Well, that site change only caused his BG's to drop about 150 points, which is odd for Lenny considering usually when I do a site change for him, he crashes. Although, as of lately, if I do a site change before school, its the complete opposite. Must be a difference in activity level there.

Anyway, He remained in the 300s through afternoon snack. After the aid and her grandson left, I talked things over with my Hubby. We noticed that one side of his butt did in fact feel a little hard, and decided, since his BG's were so high all day long, we would do another site change. This time, trying a different site location. We decided to try his leg.

Lenny fought us tooth and nail over this. He is so used to having his butt used for sites! He kept screaming "No! My butt, my butt, use my butt!" and moving away from us. When we were finally able to calm him down somewhat (more like hold him down), we did it. He screamed at the top of his lungs. Cried it hurt it hurt. We had it stay there for not even 2 minutes, thinking he would settle down after it is there for a bit... but he didn't. I decided to pull it.

As soon as I pulled it out, his leg bled. A lot. So much so, we had to get a paper towel and put pressure on it to get it to stop, then put a band-aid on it. He was crying the whole time... as was mommy. It hurt so much seeing him in pain, knowing I caused that pain. Felt the same kind of pain for him that I felt when he was first diagnosed and I had to give him his first injection at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.

At that point, we were left with the decision...

Do we try another site location, or go ahead and put it in his butt again?

We put it in his butt again, this time, further to the side and lower, in an area we don't typically use because I've always felt it was too close to his hip. After fighting him to get him to lay flat on the floor (this is how we do his sites, have him lay flat on the floor so he doesn't tense his muscles much and can relax. Works well for us, better for us than him standing or bending over), we got it in. He didn't want to lay completely flat on the floor at first because he said it hurt his leg.

After all this commotion, it was finally dinner time. Thank God for freezer bag meals at Walmart, that's all I have to say!

Check his BG for dinner... 93. Gotta love how activity plays so well on his blood sugar! Afternoon snack he was 318, then after all the playing outside he did with his aid's grandson, plus running around the house while Hubby and I made some diabetes related decisions, he dropped to 93!

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