Friday, March 2, 2012

It's a Scentsy Fundraiser!!!

Fundraisers are always fun, aren't they?! I know I always have fun when I host a fundraiser!

This month, I called my good friend Carrie Cook, who recently started a Scentsy business, and asked her if I could host a Scentsy Fundraiser with her!

Of course, she said yes =)

She has been kind enough to donate 15% of every Scentsy order to Team Lenny's Fundraiser Page! You rock, Carrie!

If you have never heard of Scentsy... then you have got to head over to her website and check out all the awesome products they offer!

They have some beautiful electric warmers and wonderful wax brick scents that will fill your room with sweetness! Their wax bricks come in many colors and fragrances! My personal favorite is the Black Raspberry Vanilla. MMMM Love it!

For those of you with pets or small children... keep in mind that Scentsy's electric warmers are much safer to have than candles... there is no flame! No wick! So no worries of anyone accidentally catching something on fire! That's one thing I love the most about Scentsy products!

Now, this fundraiser is only available between today and March 31, 2012! Remember, 15% of all orders placed on our Team Lenny Scentsy Fundraiser through Carrie's site will go toward helping to raise money for a CURE for diabetes! Our kids need a cure... and why not make your house smell wonderful while helping to get our kids one step closer to that cure?!

To visit Carrie's Scentsy website and place an order with our Fundraiser/Party page, CLICK HERE. Don't forget to "Like" her Facebook Fan Page and stay updated on all the great new products and promotions!

Thank you all in advance for any orders you place. Every little bit helps our wonderful cause! If you have any questions at all, please feel free to Like Carrie's Facebook Fan Page and post them on there, and she will be sure to answer all of your questions!

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Carrie Cook said...


There is a possibility that I can do up to 20%! This is what I am shooting for!!! Go Team Lenny!!