Thursday, March 8, 2012

Carb Counting with Lenny!

Out of sheer curiosity, I decided to do a search on the Android Market from my tablet using just the word "diabetes" while the kids were in school.

Of course, I got a slew of apps appear... but only one got me excited!

Meet Lenny the Lion..the Lion with Diabetes.

Lenny has some really cool apps, available for Android, IPhone, and IPad users!

This app teaches children about carbs, carb counting, and meal preperations. It is chock full of knowledge kids with diabetes, learning how to manage their disease, need to know... and best of all, it makes it fun!!

Medtronic, makers of CGM's, insulin pumps, and many other diabetic supplies, is the founder of this fun little character, Lenny the Lion. And, what an awesome job they have done, if I must say!

Check out this video below about the app, Counting Carbs with Lenny...

The app includes a Food Guide, teaching kids approximately how many carbs are in any said variety of foods. It also has some fun games for them to play, that are not only fun, but will also teach them what has carbs and what doesn't, comparing carbs (telling which one has more), Guess the Carbs,  and Build a Meal.

The "Carb or No Carb?" game shows a realistic picture of a food, and asks if the food has carbs or no carbs. Your child must also try to figure it out within 6 seconds, or it will make this fun  BOING! sound, then display the correct answer.

In the Build a Meal game, your child is given a "Target Carb" goal, and a list of food  pictures to choose from. The object is to try to select food choices for a meal, that will hit your carb count target. The closer you are, the higher your score will be!

There are 2 other games as well, "Compare the Carbs!" and "Guess the Carbs!", but, I won't spoil the surprise! Go check it out for yourself! Download the app to your tablet or mobile phone, and check it out!

Also, go to to check out more fun stuff for your kids!


Diane D said...

We love that app! In fact my nieces & nephew love to play the carb/not a carb game :)

Dawn Lidwell said...

LOL! Me and the kids played around on it the first night I installed it on my tablet... you shoulda heard all the giggling, whoot whoot-ing, and cheering going on from my bedroom!

Over the weekend, while Little Man was at my inlaws, I let my daughter play on my tablet for a while, while I cleaned up the kitchen... caught her playing the carb/not a carb game! I love it! Teaches even the youngest kids, not necessarily diabetic kids, how to count carbs in a fun and entertaining way!