Saturday, February 25, 2012

Winter Wonderland

When the weather outside is frightful! LOL!

Today, Little Man is at the "farm". He loves going there every weekend... the freedom of running around on land as far as the eye can see really gets him going!

So, today while he's there having the time of his life, me and my Little Princess made an attempt at playing in the snow (while Mommy made an attempt at shoveling the driveway/sidewalk) LOL.

The cold got to us pretty quickly though, and the sheet of ice covering our sidewalk didn't help matters. So, we came inside, enjoyed a cup of Hot Chocolate together, and played with some Play-Dough!

Since Little Princess wanted to come inside early instead of making a Snowman outside... we decided to do one inside!

Must say... I think I prefer making these kind of Snowmen more than the ones outside! LOL!

No cold fingers, toes, noses and ears.... Stay nice and warm... and can make them as colorful as we want!

What do you like to do with your munchkins on really cold winter days?

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