Thursday, April 7, 2011

Inside the Sugar Free Mind Of... Beverly Lavelli!

Earlier this week, I explained in a blog post what "LADA" Diabetes was.

Today, we are diving "Inside the Sugar Free Mind" of someone living with it.... Beverly Lavelli!

Can you tell us about when you or your child was diagnosed? Age at Diagnosis?48  Feb 14, 2006
At my job at that time, I was living on coffee and donuts during the day and losing weight - I was THRILLED !!
The other employees at the office where I worked - said I 'smelled' funny.
I was furious - I showered every day !  I could not imagine what they were talking about.It turned out to be my blood sugar, "sweet smelling odor"
I had my period for seemed like forever - going on three weeks, very heavy, but felt fine otherwise.

I was HOPING it was my last period and I was just going into menopause being that I was 48.
After finally giving in and calling the doc and telling them the reason for my appt, I got in that day.
It turns out I had lost weight, almost 25 lbs.  (looking back - I looked like CRAP, but felt fine)
They ran the normal blood tests and sent me on my way.
He called the next day - my bs was over 600, and I hadn't eaten recently.
Not quite a true 'fasting' blood test - but close enough.

They started me on Actos for a month.
Then - when then that didn't work - I started insulin the next day.

What emotions did you go through at diagnosis?Nervous - scared - amazed - confused

How has the diagnosis changed your life? Your family? Your marriage?We eat healthier

Did you have a good support system when diagnosed?yes - husband, family

Did you get involved in a diabetes support group soon after diagnosis? If so, online and/or offline?support group thru doc office, off line

What online diabetes communities/support groups, if any, would you recommend and why?d-life - facebook community

What part of the world are you from?Orange, MA

If someone reading this interview post who lived in your state/providence was living with Type 1 Diabetes and wanted to connect with you for support, would you be OK with that? If yes, how could they contact you?
sure - email (
) or facebook

In your opinion, what is the hardest part about living with Type 1 Diabetes, and why?learning what to eat, how much, learning who to believe, to many rumors

Can you say/think of anything positive you have found about having T1 Diabetes since diagnosis?I know more, eat healthier

What diabetes-charitable organization, if any, do you support, and why? - I most always have a D related fundraiser going on my website - no special org, just D related....

    Facebook profile?   
What advice would you give to a family newly diagnosed?
You will be fine - its a learning curve, it takes time

What 3 things would you like more families NOT living with Type 1 Diabetes to know?
  That I can eat what I want (if I know the carbs)
  I choose to eat low carb, low sugar, low fat, high protein.
  I can't always eat when I want
  YES needles hurt, but you deal with it to live

Do you work outside of the home, work from home, or are you a stay at home mom?

Thank you Beverly, for allowing us to get inside your Sugar Free Mind! Your diagnosis story is so different from many of those I have heard in the past... yet, still hold so many similarities! This just goes to show that we are all fighting the same fight... no matter what "type" each of us have! Also, thank you so much for all you do to help raise awareness for diabetes, and money for a cure!

Want us to get "Inside your Sugar Free Mind", or someone you know? Shoot us an email at with the subject title: Interview! Help us spread awareness and share your story with our readers!

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