Saturday, March 12, 2011

I've been interviewed!!!

WOW! I've been interviewed!!

Lexi Butler, Owner of Beaded Jewels and creator of Beaded Jewels Bracelets of Hope has designed some beautiful, handcrafted beaded bracelets to help us raise awareness for diabetes! Just look at these gorgeous pictures of these bracelets and this stunning necklace for men!

Aren't those just absolutely beautiful?!

Lexi emailed me yesterday asking if she could interview me, as a mother of a Type 1 child, so she could post a blog post with her stunning artwork. Of course, I had to agree... I mean, I'll do just about anything to help get the awareness out there about Type 1, and help find a cure!

Check out the article on Lexi's blog about my interview here!

Lexi has agreed to donate 10% of the sales of her beautiful Diabetes Awareness bracelets to the Diabetes Research Institute--the one organization that is solely focused on finding a cure for kids like Lenny.

You can learn more about order options, how to order, and more about these handcrafted beauties by reading Lexi's follow-up post from my interview here!

Thank you Lexi, for helping us in our fight to CURE Diabetes! Your efforts are greatly appreciated across the Diabetes Community, and will never be forgotten!

Please help us spread the awareness, and raise money for a CURE by placing an order, or sharing this post with your friends! Together, we will win this fight!


Dawnmarie said...

How thrilling for you...for several reasons!

Alexis Nicole said...

yay for the interview and wow i love those!