Thursday, March 10, 2011

*FEATURED* Inside The Sugar Free Mind Of...Allyson Goris Kennedy!

Allyson's Daughter Tayler
 Today, we are getting "Inside The Sugar Free Mind Of" Allyson Kennedy!

Come read more about her daughter, Tayler, their diagnosis story, and what they have to say about the DOC!

Can you tell us about when  Tayler was diagnosed? After repeated vaginal/urinary tract infections since she was an infant, my daughter was diagnosed when she was 8 years old.

What emotions did you go through at diagnosis? Denial, sadness, anger, paranoia

How has the diagnosis changed your life? Your family? Your marriage? We cannot leave her anywhere for long, no sleepovers, etc. Family has shown no compassion or interest in learning about this disease, we no longer sleep through the night, constant worry, etc.

Did you have a good support system when diagnosed? From the medical community, yes (endocrinologists are listed among the best in the country), from family, no; they simply can't be bothered.

Did you get involved in a diabetes support group soon after diagnosis? If so, online and/or offline? We contacted the JDRF and met a lot of supportive people, though there is no actual support group in our area. I also turned to facebook and gained a whole new family.

What online diabetes communities/support groups, if any, would you recommend and why?
On facebook:
   Parenting Diabetic Kids
   What Mums and Dads need to know
   I Hate Type 1 Diabetes
   Diabetes Research Institute
   Justice Against Type 1 Diabetes
   The Diabetes Dude
   T-1 Parents

What part of the world are you from? United States

If someone reading this interview post who lived in your state/providence was living with Type 1 Diabetes and wanted to connect with  you for support, would you be OK with that? If yes, how could they contact you? Absolutely, send me a message on Facebook

In your opinion, what is the hardest part about living with Type 1 Diabetes, and why? The hardest part are the unexpected lows, and the not knowing...

Can you say/think of anything positive you have found about living with T1 Diabetes since diagnosis? The only positive I can think of is knowing that I wasn't crazy when I told the doctors something was definitely wrong all that time.

What can you think of that you allow, despite caring for a child with T1?
We allow her to eat whatever non-diabetic's eat, and give her as normal a life as possible.

What diabetes-charitable organization, if any, do you support, and why? We do the JDRF walkathon every year, as well as donate whenever the local stores have fundraisers.

Do you have a blog about diabetes? No.
Facebook Profile? Allyson Goris Kennedy
Twitter? No.
Facebook Fan Page? No.

What advice would you give to a family newly diagnosed? Don't believe everything the doctors tell you~Trust your gut~You know your child best. Reach out to the online Type 1 community~They're a Godsend.

What 3 things would you like more families not living with Type 1 Diabetes to know?
  1. We're not bad parents who didn't feed our daughter right.
  2. No, we're not making more of this deadly disease than need be.
  3. This is a different disease than type 2 diabetes; once you develop type 1, it can NEVER be reversed.
Do you work outside of the home, work from home, or are you a stay at home mom? I'm a stay at home mom.

Thank you so much Allyson for sharing Tayler's story with us! It always warms my heart to hear how many people across the DOC reach out to others for support, guidance, and love.

Do you know someone who would like to share their child's diagnosis story with us? D-moms, D-dads, and adults living with Type 1 are all welcome here! Just send me an email at with the subject title "Interview" to put  your suggestion in cue!

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