Monday, February 14, 2011

Preparing for the Blair County Diabetes Walk

Blair County Walk Organizers and Supporters (including VP of the DRI, Tom Karlya)
Everyone in my community, all the Diabetes Walk supporters and organizers, are hard at work preparing for the Blair County Diabetes Walk coming up on June 4th!

I felt bad last year because we were not able to make the walk. Lenny had large ketones the day of the walk, and it took me a while to get rid of them. Knowing that we shouldn't have him exercise while having ketones, we felt it was best to keep him home and nurse him back to good health.

This year, I am bound and determined to make it to the walk (providing ketones won't come back for a visit!)

I contacted Lisa (one of the organizers for the Blair County Walk), and asked her how I could help.

After talking with her, I decided this week, I would be a busy little bee!

I will be contacting Calorie King, ABBOTT company (the company that makes the Precision Xtra Glucose/Ketone meters) to see if they would be willing to set up tables at our walk, with a representative come out and talk to the walk attendees/d-parents.

Also on my list of "to do's" this week, I plan to call around to some local companies to see if they would be willing to donate a product to the Blair County Walk's basket raffle, which would help us raise more money!

Not to mention, I am in talks with a friend of mine who works from home, trying to organize an online fundraiser with her to help raise even more money toward our Blair County Diabetes Walk!

I always find it exciting to help out other people with their fundraising efforts!

I will keep you all posted on the details for the online fundraiser, as well as other things going on!

Do  you have any fundraiser projects you are working on? If so, please share them! We love to hear what exciting things you have in the works, and help in any way we can!


Reyna said...

I love that you are promoting awareness about the blood ketone monitors! That is a big pet peeve of mine...that everyone does not know about them.

Dawn said...

LOL I didnt know about them till I found the DOC last April honestly! Then when I found out how much more accurate they are, and so much EASIER they are to use (especially during the night!), ya know me, I gotta share a good thing! LOL!

Wendy said...

You go girl!!!! I have a ketone meter, but insurance doesn't cover the strips, so it's of no use to us. Luckily, I have a DOC pal who is willing to send me some because she can get them without any trouble. Gotta LOVE THE DOC!

Candy Hearts is embarking on a journey to raise money for Life For A Child. I'm committed to it for the long haul....

Dawn said...

Yep, I actually have a blog post scheduled to come up here in the next day or two bringing some light in on the Life For A Child campaign your working on! Keep an eye out!