Monday, February 7, 2011

Night Time Lows

Night time lows would have to be one of the scariest things to me. Really, they scare me to death!

Anyone outside the diabetes community and medical field may not know this, but, low blood sugar levels can be extremely dangerous. Untreated low blood sugars can lead to seizures, or even death.

This is why night time low blood sugars are so scary to me. Personally, I think they are probably one of the scariest things us "D-moms" and diabetics face! It's one thing to have a low blood sugar during the day, because atleast you have a 50%/50% shot at the child or adult feeling it coming (although there are children and adults that are considered "hypoglycemia unawareness", where they do not feel their lows).

At night, though, those odds are drastically reduced.

Lenny has never felt a low in the middle of the night.

In fact, tonight, his blood sugar dropped down to 46 at midnight, and he was sound asleep! Hard to wake him up, in fact, to have him eat glucose tabs!

Scary, scary!

What would you say is the scariest thing about diabetes, and why?


Reyna said...

Yep...night time lows. I think as a parent of a type 1 child we fear those and/or DIB Syndrome...(unknown cause) Perhaps a cardiac dysrhythmia in response to a low. Those are the hardiest "immediate" dangers to wrap my head around.

Dawn said...

Yep, DIB Syndrome is the reason why night time lows scare me so much!