Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Improvised Version of "Cupid Cups"

This is my version of Leighann's @ http://www.d-mom.com/ "cupid cups"
 You remember my post from yesterday. The one about the yummy Valentines Day treats, including the one I saw posted on Leighann at D-Mom Blog, her "Cupid Cups"

I thought tonight I would make a brief post about my version of her Cupid Cups.

The reason I call them my version, is because I took her recipe, and molded it to fit the ingredients I had on hand, made larger portion sizes, and added another scoop (or two) of Sugar Free Cool-Whip on top with a marichino cherry. I didn't have the 2 boxes of Sugar Free Strawberry Jello, but I did have one box of Sugar Free Strawberry Jello, and one box of Sugar Free Cherry Jello. So, for color presentation, I used both. I put the Strawberry jello on the bottom layer, the cherry jello with cool whip on the second layer, then put a dallop of cool whip and the cherry on top!

I followed her instructions, using just mild ingredient variation, making larger portion sizes, and including more cool whip and the marichino cherry, and TADA!

The photo above was taken of my dessert. Lenny did not have that much extra cool whip on top. In fact, he only had the recommended 2 tbsp of cool whip, to help cut a few carbs (2tbsp sugar free cool whip is 3g carbs. I definitely have atleast 2-3 times that much on mine lol!)

I wish I had taken a photo of him eating his Improvised Cupid Cup, but, I didn't think of it. Honestly, I was enjoying my own too much, and the thought escaped me! LOL! I will say this though... he loved it! He got too full to finish it, so he only ate about half of it and saved the rest for later, but, his eyes got like saucers when I presented it to him tonight!

I estimated the carbs for this yummy treat, because of the portion sizes and the additional ingredients (extra cool whip and marichino cherry) to be approximately 10g carbs. His blood sugars faired well with this estimation, he was 98 at dinner and 195 at bedtime snack. I chalk the 100 point spike there to the fact that it took him a little over an hour to finish eating dinner plus half this tasty treat, and the fact that he is fighting a cold (and his blood sugars have been running quite high the last few days with this cold).


Leighann of D-Mom Blog said...

Looks great...and everything is better with a cherry on top!

I don't know if you saw the little footnote on my post, but sugar-free cool whip actually has more carbs than regular. Go figure!

Dawn said...

Thanks for commenting Leighann!

LOL I can honestly say, I dont think I have ever really looked at the carbs for regular cool whip (I'm sure I have at some point, I just dont buy cool whip very often LOL!), but yeah, thats crazy!