Sunday, November 7, 2010

Let's Help Make An Impact In Children In Need

As a mother of a child with diabetes, I sometimes overlook just how special and blessed we are. We have medical insurance that covers all the costs of our children's medical needs, advanced technology to help us better manage our child's health condition, knowledgeable doctors, dietitians, school nurses, and family members working on our side in a team effort to bring the best possible care to our child, and so much more.

I sometimes (ok, often times), don't think about how other families in other states and countries, may not have access to many of these things we take advantage of in our own personal lives. I often forget that there may be children out there, children with Type 1 Diabetes, that may not have access to insulin.

There is a video taking the diabetes community on line by storm!

A video that was put together to help these children in need of insulin!

This video is trying to reach 100,000 views in the next week! The good news, its halfway there! WOOHOO!

By clicking and watching this video, and sharing it with your friends to do the same, we can help this video reach 100,000 views in no time!

Once 100,000 views is reached, Roche, the makers of Accu-Chek products will donate $75,000 to buy insulin for children in need.

The video is less than two minutes, and sends a powerful message and will help so many children in need!

So, what do you say, will you watch it with me?! Share it with me?!

Watch it. Watch it again. Share it.

I have, will you?!


Reyna said...

YAY!!! for this video. I have watched it a few times over the week...and linked it over to Candy Hearts who posted on it too.

Great job in raising awareness.

Wendy said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS VIDEO....I've clicked it several times a day!!!

Keep spreading the news!!!!

We're almost there!!!!

Sugar Free CandyLand said...

I love this video too! It really makes ya sit and think about how blessed we are, doesn't it? I sure hope we are able to get it out there enough to get that 100,000 views!! I know I have watched this video SEVERAL times LOL!

Hey Reyna, by the way hun, how in the world do I comment on your blog?! LOL! I tried commenting on a couple of your posts today, but couldnt find the "comment" hyperlink to click to post a comment HAHA!