Monday, October 11, 2010

A Birthday To Remember!

My baby girl turned 4 years old on October 9th, 2010. We celebrated her birthday on the 8th, because Daddy had to work the day of her birthday.

How did we celebrate it, with a Type 1 Diabetic child?!

The same as any other child without diabetes!

There were LOTS of balloons, presents, and of course... CUPCAKES!

This was Lenny's first time having REAL cupcakes since his diagnosis. Was it stressful? Yes! Was it fun? Absolutely! Did everyone enjoy themselves? TOTALLY!

Did the cupcake have "adverse" affects on his blood sugar??
  To our surprise.... NO! His blood sugar was GREAT by the next snack time!

Now, both kids did stay at my inlaws overnight that night, through the weekend. I was worried how his blood sugars did with that cupcake (maybe I should say CUPCAKES! LOL The little piggie had one cupcake WITH icing, then grabbed another cupcake without icing! LOL!)

I wish I got a picture for you guys of him eating those cupcakes... but, in the insanity of everything, I forgot to grab my camera at that moment. Don't worry though... this will definitely NOT be the last real cupcake he ever gets! I'll make sure of it, now that I know how it affects him!

In the meantime.. here are some pictures of Mackenzie's 4th birthday!

And a short video....

I sure have enjoyed sharing this memorable day with you all! I hope you enjoyed it as well!


Wendy said...


(Oct 9th is a great day for a birthday, btw....I should know....I've done it for 38 years!)

Dawn said...

HAHAHA no kidding! Well, Happy be-lated Birthday to you too Wendy!!! Sorry I didnt send ya a FB birthday announcement like I try to do with most my friends, but, I wasnt on the computer at ALL that day LOL! Hubby let me sleep till like noon that day, then we went straight to the store to get some things ready for her for when she came home from school LOL!